Ferry Services in Dalaman

Ferry Service from Dalaman to Rhodes

Dalaman to Rhodes is served by two types of ferries: conventional (regular vehicle ferries) and high-speed.

Regular automobile ferries from Dalaman to Rhodes take longer, but they are the most popular and least expensive option. Ferries between Dalaman and Rhodes are an ideal mode of transportation for day visits since they offer stunning sea vistas and refreshing sea wind.

Compared to traditional ferries, which are larger and cost more, high-speed boats from Dalaman to Rhodes cut journey time in half! Occasionally, Dalaman to Rhodes high-speed ferries can take cars.

Conventional Ferries

Ships of this type can carry a large number of passengers and vehicles. At a top speed of 30 knots, these vessels can carry up to 2 000 passengers in 1000 beds and 1000 vehicle spots across their whole 220-meter length and 30-meter breadth.

The most popular mode of transportation for travelers is conventional or "normal" or "regular" vessels, which take the longest to reach their destinations.

Vessels operating in international waters or traversing greater distances are more likely to be covered by the data presented above. Conventional vessels, more commonly used on domestic routes, are typically smaller but capable of transporting automobiles.

Nonetheless, this type of "conventional" travel is highly peaceful on international or local routes, especially on day trips while enjoying the sea views and nice sea wind from the outdoor decks.

Accommodation Options deck seats, air type seats (ATS), VIP seats, and one to four-bed indoor and outdoor rooms are typically available to passengers on traditional ships.

This type of vessel has air conditioning in all of its indoor rooms. It is permissible to enter the semi-enclosed deck area and the outside deck.

The Camping on Board option is available on conventional ferries from Italy to Greece.

High-Speed Ferries

Smaller and faster, High-Speed Vessels have a maximum speed of 45 knots with a length of around 80 meters and a breadth of 20 meters. The capacity of these ships ranges from 300 to 2000 people. Some high-speed vessels can transport vehicles in large numbers (ca. 200).

In recent years, high-speed vessels have become increasingly popular among tourists because of their short journey times (in comparison to conventional ships, they cut the travel time almost in half). As a result, they will cost you more money than traditional ferry services.

Domestic routes are frequently served by high-speed ferries that link the mainland and the islands.

  • It is not uncommon for guests on fast ships to have the option of sleeping on either an air-type seat (ATS) or a cabin for the night.
  • This type of vessel has air conditioning in all of its indoor rooms. Access to an outdoor deck area is permitted as long as there is an outdoor deck area.
  • Flying dolphins and catamaran vessels are small and fast ferry ships with dimensions of roughly 35 meters in length and 10 meters in breadth and travel with a maximum speed of 33 knots.
  • Generally, up to 150 passengers can be transferred aboard these ships, and vehicle spots are limited.
  • Flying dolphins and catamaran watercraft are the finest for navigating between the islands. They are swift yet a bit pricier than the ordinary ferries.
  • Flying dolphins and catamaran vessels operate on domestic routes. Usually, they cover the lesser distances between the islands.
  • Passengers can generally choose the Accommodation Options numbered deck seats on flying dolphins and catamaran vessels. All inside portions of this vessel type are air-conditioned. There is no outdoor deck area accessible.


There are various lodging alternatives you can select from for your best trip convenience!

  • Deck Seats (Economy Deck)
  • Deck seats can be occupied freely; passengers have free choice of seats.

On conventional vessels, these seats can be found in the interior space in the form of comfortable chairs, lined up armchairs, and sofas with tables near the bars and cafeterias, and on the outdoor deck, usually in the format of plastic chairs and benches with tables that are not very suitable for longer journeys.

  • On high-speed and flying dolphins/catamaran vessels, deck seats are numbered and comparable to airline seats but roomier.
  • On the economy deck, travelers can keep their belongings in racks set in different parts of the ferry ship. Therefore, the baggage may not be near the seat.

Air Type Seats (ATS)

Seats like those found on airplanes are known as air-type seats. However, they have more legroom and are more extensive. Passengers without such a ticket cannot sit in these seats, which have a unique seat number. When passengers check-in, they will be given a predetermined seat number.

In most cases, air-type seats are positioned in calm, private areas of the aircraft, making them ideal for a quick snooze.

There are luggage racks near the seats and the lounge door in these lounges for customers' convenience. Comparable to first-class travel on a train, private lounges offer a more luxurious experience.

Business Class Seats (VIP)

If you're looking for the most comfortable chairs, you'll find them in a separate area of the ship with more room.

There is a canteen, a bar, and a luggage storage area for those flying business class. They are only available to travelers who have purchased a business class ticket.


Customers can upgrade to a cabin and travel in greater comfort for a little premium. You can pick between one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom cabins.

  • Cabins can also be shared by people of the same gender.
  • Clean linen and towels are provided, as are separate bathrooms and ample area to unwind.
  • Outside (with a sea view) or interior cabins can be chosen (without a window, suitable for passengers who get seasick for they are situated in a more central location of the vessel and are less susceptible to rocking).
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in all accommodations.

Pure Cabins

In addition to the previous features, a pure cabin has an ionizer to enhance indoor air quality.

Pet Cabins

Passengers traveling with their pets can take advantage of particular "pet cabins" reserved for them. If you're looking for a place to sleep, these cabins are usually located inside a home.

Use our "pet-friendly" booking engine and/or visit Pets on Board for further information if you want to travel with your pet in a cabin, kennel, or on deck.

Lux Cabins

Lux Cabins offer even more space for sleeping, relaxing, and getting ready in additional bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms. Cabins with a frontal view of the sea are commonly found in the ship's front section.


Conventional ships and long-distance ferries both have dining options. A la carte and self-service restaurants are both options. Both restaurants have hot and cold cuisine, beverages, salads, fruits, and sweets. We accept cash or credit/debit card payments.

Cafes & Bars

There are cafes and bars on every sort of ship. Food and beverages can be served in a wider variety of traditional vessels. You'll find a selection of energizing snacks and refreshing drinks on board the high-speed and dolphin/catamaran vehicles. Throughout the entire journey, cafeterias and bars are open. We accept cash or credit/debit card payments.

Luggage Storage

All vessels include a variety of luggage storage places. Storage racks for your luggage will be assigned to you following the ferry ticket you purchased (Deck Seat, ATS, VIP). There are no limitations on luggage and no additional fees. However, in other circumstances, such as with deck seats, you'll need to put your bags a bit more away from your seat.

Pool Deck

The pool deck is a great place to unwind and catch up with friends while you go to your summer vacation destination. While basking in the sun's warmth and cooling off in the summer wind, you can cool down with a refreshing drink from the pool bar. Don't miss out on taking advantage of the sunny terrace even if there isn't a pool available or it isn't filled with water.

Vehicle Garage

Many high-speed vessels include huge garages that can safely transport a large number of automobiles, frequently on multiple floors. Flight deck access is provided by automated steps or elevators. During crossing time, no one can stay on the lower garage floors.

On occasion, only passengers who have selected the "Camping on Board" option will be permitted to remain on the open deck with their camper vans for the duration of the trip.

WC's & Showers

All ships have public WCs that can be accessed anytime during the journey. Conventional boats and/or foreign routes may also have public showers.


The ship's reception can arrange for a sauna/massage service, which some typical vessels provide as entertainment for passengers traveling internationally.

Air Conditioning & Heating

The indoor areas of all Vessel Types are air-conditioned/heated.

For more information about the Dalaman ferry service, please visit https://www.isferry.com/ferry-destinations/ferry-dalaman/ferry-dalaman-rhodes.

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